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1. What color dress did Blanche wear to George's funeral? Red
2. What was wrong with Rose's sister Lilly?
She was blind
3. What was the "little piece of himself" that Stan left at Kate's wedding?
His Toupee
4. What color are M
iles' eyebrows? Black
5. What actress played Phil's wife?
Brenda Vaccaro
6. What was the name of the television newsman that Blanche dated? *he worked with Rose and lived with his mother*
Jerry Kennedy
7. Why did Sophia "curse" the neighbor? *he got flat tires, lost his golf clubs and got a boil on his ( | )*
The neighbor wouldn't remove his tree which blew over in a storm
8. Who was the subject of the sculpture that the artist created?
Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy
9. What did Blanche do for a living?
A Worker in a museum
10. How did the girls know that Sophia had been out driving?
The phonebook was missing

1. How long were Dorothy and Stan married?
38 years
2. Name two vacation spots that the girls went to (all or at least two could have gone)
St. Olaf; The Bahamas
3. What was above Blanche's bed?
A Mirror
4. Name an illness that each girl suffered from
... Sophia: Stroke; Rose: heart failure and had to have a triple bypass surgery; Dorothy: Foot Surgery; Blanche: Pacemaker Surgery
5. How old was Blanche when she died (in Rose's dream)?
6. What was the name of the gangster after M
iles/Nick? The Cheese Man
7. What did Blanche see in the ziplock bag after writing for 3 days straight?
Little balls of sunshine, and Rose's eyeballs.

8. What was Rose's name at the high school reunion?
Kim Fong Toi

9. What did Sophia make for Alvin?
A scarf
10. What was on the winning lottery ticket the girls gave the homeless shelter?
Three Palm Trees

1. Name three of Dorothy signature clothing styles. Flat Shoes, 
2. How did Blanche get Rose to drive her to Atlanta to see her "Grammy's" house?
She gave her a treasure map with a big X which was somewhere outside of Atlanta.
3. What hung at Blanche's "grammy's" house that she brought back with her?
Wind Chimes
4. Who attended Sophia's wedding to Max?
Elvis Impersonators
5. What type of car did Blanche rent to attract men?
6. What was the occupation of Clayton's boyfriend?
Police Officer
7. Name the man Sophia sat with on the beach.
8. Who did Sophia go out with on Valentine's Day?
Julio Iglesias
9. Name a song that Sophia sang in the show.
Thanks for the Medicare, for blue cross and blue shield.....
10. Name all of the girls spouses (there may be more than one!!).
Blanche --> "George"; Rose --> "Charlie"; Dorothy --> "Stan" & "Lucas"; Sophia --> "Salvador", "Max", & "Guido"

1. Where did Dorothy keep the brochures of retirement homes?
Her top dresser drawer, the one "you know who" can't reach
2. Who was the famous artist that painted the picture the girls traded for a new roof?
3. What was the name of the bar Blanche took Dorothy to, and Dorothy ended up singing?
The Rusty Anchor
4. Rose almost lost her teddy-bear to a girl scout. What was the name of the bear?
5. What did Sophia sit on when she drove Rose's car?
A Phone Book
6. What was the "lucky part" to the curse Sophia put on the girls' neighbor after his tree fell int
o their lanai? He had a boil on his butt
7. After Dorothy had foot surgery, what did Blanche and Rose rename their dance group?
Two Merry Widows
9. In the final episode, what did Stan compare himself to? (HINT -- he didn't have a lot of them)
The Last hair on his head
10. What did Sophia really want to do when she and Dorothy went on a weekend to "share memories?"
Ride Space Mountain

1. Name the song the pianist sang when Dorothy and Sophia went to Orlando to reminisce.
It's A Small World
2. What was the name of Rose's old boyfriend who left her at the train station in St. Olaf to go to Europe with a band?
3. What did Dorothy want Sophia to give her if Dorothy won the bowling game?
Her Earrings she got from her aunt
4. What was the nickname Dorothy had that was shared by a prisoner?
5. What did Blanche ALWAYS have on? (hint, think neck)
A small gold chain with a tiny diamond
6. Who was the fictional character that Rose and Blanche were going to write a children's book about?
7. What is Dorothy's COMPLETE name by the last episode?
Dorothy Petrillo Sbornack Hollingsworth
8. Where would Sophia and Dorothy be cutting ribbons if they had won the Shady Pines Mother/Daughter Beauty Contest?
9. What was the name of the gay housekeeper in the first episode?
10. What "60 Minutes" co-star could Blanche have had?
Andy Rooney

1. What did Rose find that made her think Blanche slept with Charlie? A double exposed picture of Blanche in bed with Charlie.
2. What song did Sophia recall singing when Shady Pines burned down? Quarter to three... there's no one in place except you and me...
3. Who played Glen O'Brien, the married man Dorothy dated? HINT! There were TWO actors Alex Rocco & Jerry Orbach
4. Who was David, in relation to Blanche? George's son
5. Why did all the girls sleep in Sophia's bed when the heat went out? She had an electric blanket
6. Name the actor/director who was one of the Elvis' at Sophia and Max's wedding.
7. What did Stan leave with Dorothy after their daughter's wedding? His hair
8. Where did Rose want to take Blanche and Dorothy when they moved in? (HINT! It was her "favorite restaurant") Dairy Queen
9. How long were Stan and Dorothy married? 38 years
10. Who played Angela, Sophia's sister? (AND A BONUS... What other major television show was she on??)
Nancy Walker and The Mary Tyler Moore Show along with Harold Gould/Miles.

1. What are Blanche's initials?
2. Name a type of product Rose tested for her job at the TV station.
Weight Loss Items, Light bulbs, Watches
3. What year was Dorothy married to Stan? (It was actually mentioned in an episode -- Sophia says "Picture it. Brooklyn -- 19_ _. Your first anniversary...)
4. Sophia sat on the park bench with a man. What was his name, and what was wrong with him?
Alvin; Alzheimer's 
5. What did Blanche bring back from Grammy's house that reminded her of Grammy?
Wind Chimes
6. Where did Rose meet her natural father?
The Hospital
7. Who was Emma Emmahoffer?
The woman who Rose competed against for Woman of the Year. (She was later disqualified because they found a skeleton in her closet)
8. What did Dorothy need from Rose to help move the toilet from the living room to the bathroom?
1,000 Hebrews
9. The number of children Sophia has MULTIPLIED BY the number of brothers and sisters she has (that appeared on the show) equals??? Six
10. What is Rose's favorite restaurant (she was going to take the girls there when they all moved in together)...
Dairy Queen

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